T-Mobile Cellphone Plan
Cellphone Plan

BayMediaStar–T-Mobile Plan

Serving the entire US AT&T preferential plan—mobile express delivery to the entire US
1. Trade in your mobile phone, family plan 4 lines/$160.00 (monthly fee).Single line monthly fee: $70.00/month
Refund of $700.00 per line. Bring the number into the network, and then get $250.00 (only available from  Bay Media Star)
2. Provide all the latest iPhone and Samsung mobile phones, LG, 3. Unlimited 4G LTE Internet data. Phone, text message.

Plan Details:

rollover DATA
 text to over
Basic Package $35 /30 Day 2GB Yes Yes Unlimited 100 countries
Selected Package $50 /30 Day 8GB Yes Yes Unlimited 100 countries
Gold Package $65 /30 Day Unlimited No Add on Unlimited 100 countries
Family  Package $160/4 lines /30 Day Unlimited No 10GB Unlimited 100 countries

Contact us

+1 800 683 5814

[email protected]
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